Alarm Clock Vibrating "Shake-N-Wake" Personal Alarm Clock FSGKXAEYF

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Shake n Wake wearable alarm clockShakes and vibrates to wake you upHas optional beep alarmBacklit LED light to view time in the dark. Removable wrist strap.Great tool for the hearing and visually impaired

This is completely new! And completely the very thing that you had been looking for all this while! An alarm clock that wakes you up without disturbing your partner. Wear it on your wrist or slip it under your pillow and the clock will vibrate and shake until you wake up and switch the mechanism off. It has a backlit LED light that lets you check out the time in the dark. It also has the traditional beep alarm if you want to use it that way. This is ideal for people who have to work shifts or who need to take medication at precise hours of the day, or have a hearing impairment or work unusual hours that don't match with their partner. This clever little shake n wake alarm clock will send you a signal without disturbing anyone. Buy one while stocks last!

Alarm Clock Vibrating "Shake-N-Wake" Personal Alarm Clock FSGKXAEYF

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