Additional Headset for Geemarc CL7350 OPTICLIPReceiver AmplifierUK Version KSKBWWLTV

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863 MHZ 2 channelsStereo reception, Optical input on the base*Integrated microphone, so you can switch to conversation and increase the ambient sound at the touch of a buttonVolume control (up to 125dB spl)

The Geemarc OPTICLIP is a completely wireless TV Listener with the added befits of using the ear bud type earphones that are supplied in the box, or use your own favourite headset on the OPTICLIP, which amplifies the sound coming from your TV to your preferred volume up to 125dBspl- so it can reach very loud volumes, ideal for the hearing impaired. You can also adjust the tone to suit. It has balance control, in case your hearing is better in one ear. The CL7350 works on radio frequency, so unlike infrared models, you can walk around your home with ease and still listen to your favourite programme. No need to worry about obstacles in the way, you can still hear with clarity and quality of sound. The CL7350 also works on two channels, so you can find the best signal! The CL7350 also has a build in mic, so if someone enters the room and wishes to speak to you, at the touch of a button you can switch from amplifying the sound from the TV, to amplifying the ambient sound around you so you can hear the conversation better. Once finished you can simply switch back to watching your favourite TV show. The C7350 is light, at only 50g and comes with a belt clip to attached either to your trousers or shirt and has super-fast charging time of 2 hours to reach full charge! Once charged it has a continuous usage time of 8 hours! All these great features at such a great price. Additional headsets will connect automatically, so great if other family members also needing one and each comes with its own charging pod, so you can charge at the same time. Technical spec below: 863 MHZ 2 channels Frequency response: 20 - 20000Hz Continuous in use time: 8 hours Fast recharging system Full charging time: 2 hours The headset recharges automatically when it’s on the base Reaches 100m outdoor and 25m indoor Stereo audio input on the base: (TOSLINK) Optical cable Weight of the headset: 50g Accessories Included: (TOSLINK) Optical cable Power adaptor

Box Contains

Additional optic lip headset, charger base, power adaptor, User Guide

Additional Headset for Geemarc CL7350 OPTICLIPReceiver AmplifierUK Version KSKBWWLTV

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