Additional headset for CL7310Wireless Radio TV Headset IZWLBSOLX

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External microphone: Reinforced language and tone of the network. press (3 seconds)Comfortable to wearAutomatic on / off when opening / closing every timeBox contents: GEEMARC CL7310 added HeadphonesUp to 4 headphones can be used simultaneously

Presenting the CL7310 Additional Headset, to be used with the CL7310 TV listener for additional users or as a spare headset and cannot be used on its own. Hear the television again with the CL7310 wireless listener! This additional headset provides a great solution if you need one more unit to use with your CL7310. Press on the large, easily accessible buttons on front to adjust the volume: the CL7310's 2.4GHz radio transmission will guarantee a flawless quality of sound. In the Gift Box you will get a pair of extra rubber pads and a User Guide to help you pair the additional headset with your CL7310 device.

Information on CL7310 Wireless Headset:
Hearing and enjoying your TV doesn't come any easier with this incredible wireless TV listener; the Geemarc CL7310 Wireless Radio TV Listener Headset with surround amplification button! If you have difficulty hearing the TV, you can now listen at your preferred volume, while your guests continue to hear at a standard volume. Due to the amplification button you are able to keep up with the conversation and discuss or comment on your favourite TV show or movie. This amazing lightweight under-chin device works in 2.4Ghz Radio transmission, which means you can walk around your house while wearing it and still hear your TV, even in another room up to 30 meters from the base unit. Crystal clear, CD-quality sound, digitally amplified headset, with volume of up to 125dBspl. The volume can be adjusted at any time using the easy to use controls and there is also balance and tone control. You can even choose between stereo and mono. The TV listener comes with two batteries to ensure continuous use - listen to the TV while the spare battery is charging in the Cradle/Base unit, ready to be easily swapped. The Geemarc CL7310 can be paired with up to 2 extra headsets for family viewing- the ideal accessory for all those who need a little extra help with their TV.

Box Contains

CL7310 additional TV headset
Rubber earpads
User Guide

Additional headset for CL7310Wireless Radio TV Headset IZWLBSOLX

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